Monday, March 27, 2017


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

So the printer worked.
Happy things in life come easy.

I think people have been trapped in an imaginative loop, for it by intentions or accidents.
With all the resources mother planet offers, the possibilities of probabilities are unpredictable uncertainties, sadly.
You despise craving of attention. Yet attention screams your name.
The contradictory is amusing.
I can laugh.
We will all end up searching. The idea of this action can be comforting but if it's done blindly it is disgusting.
Values come after meaning.
Now, keep asking.
It's been 2 years if i'm mathematically right. oh yeah, why would I have doubts.
What's the occasion? (HA, I had to correct my 'occasion' spelling 3 times because I wasn't sure how many c's or s's that noun deserves. It sure hopes it does)
I'm arguably frustrated cause my printer is on period. Running out of ink at this stage of my life - I have bloody exams going on.
Yeah, an ideal girl society perceives should not abuse words like 'bloody'.
Just look at the opportunities you have and the roof on top of your head. What is there to not be bloody thankful for?

So I apologize.
What's the point?
Can sorry turn back time?
Undo all the things you have done or redo them because at one point it was exactly what you wanted?

It's a world away.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Flashbacks

I was a spy. I was vulnerable and fearless at the same time. The combination was irresistible. At one point, there was a train storming towards me. And then I became a Hollywood star. My name was Bella Swan. Things went slightly wrong when I realized that my boyfriend was Justin Bieber. I wasn't so sure..

The frantic excitement was overwhelming as I heard firecrackers taking over the night sky. I opened my eyes. It didn't take me a long time to convince myself that I was dreaming.
Wait a minute... it's 1.00a.m. in the morning. Checked my phone. Came across some new year text from my friends. Then I realized...I was like....

I missed the 2012 countdown
But had a great time being Bella Swan for the past few hours instead. Whaat...?
Despite feeling miserable, I decided to forgive myself. I'd never felt so exhausted before during this holiday. I was so smart to take coffee in the meeting when I was in school in the morning and turned out to feel like a zombie in the afternoon. A zombie who suffered from insomnia. I didn't regret sleeping.

Today, I'll be starting my new year by doing a post about 2011 Flashbacks. Only some memorable ones.
Ran my lungs out. -.- A pretty shocking 7th place in SMKSU Cross Country'11 during the month of January. The first time I stepped into this school, I literally thought it was impossible to win in any long distance running event. I used to think my lungs were smaller than others. But over the years I realized that, nothing is impossible. The key to win is to never give up & push yourself over the limit.
Attended my first meet & greet session with a celebrity! OMG ANTHONY NEELY. One word: Melt. 2 words: SUPER HANDSOME. Had a very short conversation with him and shook his hand. I had to restrain the urge to melt on the spot LOL. Thank you to Tze Yun & Jia Wei for being crazy together ahhaaa! #likeafan.
Then it was the triple b'day celebration. Aravin, Chung Ren & Wei Chien. Yea, they looked good with cakes on their faces. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D
No matter how tough it could be, prefect camp is always one of the best time of the year.
The worst nightmare became a reality. Our friend, E Kent Siow who was fighting cancer in the beginning of the year 2010 passed away in the month of March 2011. The news was heartbreaking. It was definitely one of the darkest hours one could have ever experienced. Words can't describe how much we feel about him, how much we love this guy.
E Kent taught us well, it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness. Thank you buddy.
First time visiting a girl school. Sri Aman's Prefect's Installation.Photobucket
oh & hihi papasiow & mamasiow!
Sports Day. Could you imagine how tanned I was during that period of time?
Marching+running+sports day+mssd basketball+camp equals to kissed the sun.
Photo shoot for the outgoing BODs.

Sorry I had to spam the MSSD basketball competition under18'11 pictures as they were so nice! Certainly a game to remember. Once again thank you to the team & coach Li Sha.
Most extraordinary birthday celebration for Nik Danial. His uncle drove us to Sungai Buloh & we gave him a surprise party. It was a splendid night. Thanks for the food!
The next day was excellence day. Received the certificate for PMR results & some awards.
High light of the year! Totally out of expectation, got 1st for 1 Malaysia cross country run! I was so lucky I didn't faint in the middle of no where. Thank God. :D
Organized Photohunt Season One'11 with the rest. Was glad that the event went on smoothly & most importantly, everyone enjoyed it.
Craziest thing I've ever done so far. Singing on stage with the rest of the nominees. Ever since my primary teacher said I failed my singing test, I swore that I wouldn't want to embarrass myself in life LOL. It turned out to be alright eventually. YAY NO REGRETS!
My biggest regret for 2011.
This event-The Royal Installation for prefects had been planned with painstaking attention to detail. I'm not afraid to reveal it here because this event meant so much to me, to us. Yes it was shut down right in front of our eyes 10 hours before event. I had a hard time dealing with it.
What was the issue? What happened?
Yes, the past can hurt. But the way i see it is you can either run from it or learn from it.
Remember, never regret something that once made you smile. (:
I see the sun now.
Kokurikulum day. It was fun marching with the team again. :D
In November, Mr Ang our beloved teacher passed away. Thankfully I managed to search for his pictures in my teacher's day album. Posted this picture on Facebook and was hoping to get more people to understand him & also pray for him. Many people wrote statuses relating to Mr Ang. Click to view. Rest in peace Mr Ang, you live in our hearts forever. 2011 was mean enough to take away 2 amazing people from us. However, they are now at a better place & everything happens for a reason. We'll remember you.
Farewell dinner with the photography BODs. Another hectic day paying the bills in Friday's. HAHA. Btw, after a long hesitation, I've just pulled out from the president post. Meagan is the new president. I believe that she can do a better job. :D I decided not to neglect prefects & my studies so I had to make a choice.
Was invited to become the emcee for Joint Leo Hunger 24 during the month of December. It was a 2 days 1 night event in Swiss Garden hotel. Met many new friends & had so much fun mingling with them.
Was invited to become the photographer for Prom 2011 in Grand Dorsett hotel. Will miss all my beloved seniors & also, all the best in your future!
Took some pictures with them too. :)
From my camera.
Was invited to become the emcee for Christmas Charity Concert-A White Christmas organized by Leo SMK Seafield. It was held in Taylor's college. I was having a pretty bad sore throat that day but fortunately, everything ended up well. :D A fun & spontaneous night!
Credits to the photographers, Jun Yang & Wai Yew. (:
6K/07 gathering.
Jie Feng was back from Singapore. Glad to see him again after so many years. Had a good catch up session with my fellow primary buddies. :D Had to rush back home to celebrate Candy's b'day.
Candy's birthday 23-12! My mum bought a cake for her & also invited my cousin's dog, Junior to join the celebration. EPIC.
It was then my dream on the last day of 2011 and the beginning of 2012. LOL.

This is part of my 2011. I understand that I've missed out some important events but that's all for now. I'll update when I'm free which I highly doubt so.
Life of 2011? There were ups & downs. It was like a roller coaster ride. Why?
  1. Both start with a big drop.
  2. Both have ups and downs.
  3. It doesn’t really matter if you sit in the front or the back — everyone has a similar experience.
  4. Both require participation – watching just isn’t the same.
  5. Both can be fun one minute and terrifying the next.
  6. Both can make you scream and throw up.
  7. Both are more fun when shared with others.
  8. Both require that you follow the rules for your safety.
  9. Both came in many shapes, designs, and colors.
  10. Both go very fast and don’t last long enough.
I would like to say thank you to everyone who was there with me, especially to my friends and family. Thank you for all the support. Despite at times I might look like I'm carefree, deep down inside, I understand the best. It doesn't matter whether if you're a passer by or a friend who knows the flavor of my favorite bubble gum, thank you for the memories, sincerely.

Honestly, this year nearly took my breath away. I hardly enjoyed it compared to 2010. So much time was spent on building up leadership skills & in the meanwhile had to cope with studies. I don't feel good about 2012 but there's no point looking into the past, it's time to hit the road.
Happy New Year to everyone! :D Love you all.